Crafting Intentional Communities

Reader Communities (RC) is a master-planned community development firm whose principals have over 100 years of combined experience in the acquisition, entitlement, development, and disposition of mixed use and residential land throughout the southeast. In the past decade, RC has developed and sold more than 5,000 residential lots, commercial, and multifamily land across the southeast in both primary and active adult communities totaling well over $400M in value. With offices in Raleigh and Orlando, RC is an active partner and manager on behalf of family offices and institutional funds as well as provided advisory and consulting services nationally. RC’s specific focus is to maximize the vertical opportunities in each community by thoughtfully integrating and implementing optimal planning and development strategies. This allows for truly unique, successful projects which produce strong returns for all stakeholders.

We are passionate about developing quality relationships with our partners to ensure we meet their needs, solve problems effectively and sustain a positive environment where all stakeholders prosper. We review every real estate detail with a keen eye because we are committed to the value created by thoughtful long-term decisions and the benefits created by making the right decision rather than the easy one.  This mindset leads us to earn the trust of our partners through the intentional demonstration of integrity ingrained in each of our team members.

Reader Communities focuses specifically on land and the vertical opportunities it can create in each project.

  • Capture market opportunities for each project
  • Incorporate best practices of planning and design
  • Develop detailed financial models and budgets
  • Provide day-to-day guidance and strategic management of land assets
  • Oversee the planning, permitting and implementation of infrastructure
  • Market and complete the sale of sites/parcels/projects/finished lots to third party buyers/builders
  • Create opportunities for vertical investments with potential third party partners
  • Continually seek value-add opportunities and cost savings for the project through proactive development practices

Fingerprint Project

The Town of Celebration

While working for the Walt Disney Company, Perry Reader and Kimberly Locher worked on this idyllic 2,500-acre “neo home town” which was one of the first major projects to embrace the New Urbanist movement. Innovative on all levels, Celebration’s combination of architecture, education, health and technology resulted in over 11,000 residents and outstanding success in the marketplace. Today, Celebration and its vibrant town center are still visited by millions of people for its unique mix of residential, retail, institutional and office development. Celebration’s foundation is based on five cornerstones: Health, Education, Technology, Sense of Place and Sense of Community.

It’s this heritage and influence that guides how Reader Communities plans other places around the human experience.

The Reader Communities leadership team has over 100 years of combined experience.

Perry Reader Chairman 40+ years
Dean Barberree CEO & Managing Partner 20+ years
Scott Lay Managing Partner 20+ years
Jeff Reader Managing Partner 10+ years
Kimberly Locher Managing Partner 20+ years


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